A sense of God

I’ve been thinking a lot of spiritual make-believe and entitlement lately.  Privilege.  And of course American isolation that doesn’t ever seem to die; even in the global era.  It builds such a barrier in our cultural identity that when single cell organisms (less then single cell) threaten the world order – it still permeates.  Aresolized.  To rob us of the truth.  And it is at the core of why and how we were caught flat-footed again.  Our exceptionalism disgusts me. Even more than the racism.  They are linked in fear.

Now none of this is meant to be doom and gloom – simply one man’s point of view who by pure curiosity has made a life long study of history and other things that create patterns in human behavior.

But how dare we.  Millions of Syrians flee, people lose their crops in Sub-Saharan Africa, water gets scarce, or rises, and we glide on.  Comfortable behind our two oceans and our rapidly building border wall.  And our personal hand-held screens.  But this will level it all – this myth of separation – these invisible barriers, and leave us – hopefully — with some kind of oneness.  Because we will have shared in the same noble truth together – suffering.

I belong to an internationally recognized support group comprised of people  who are bonded in their common suffering rather then by any form of window dressing.    It is when that breaking point has been found for each of us that we became part of a greater chain.   That is when our story of our past begins to change.  But trains don’t stop on a dime.  And this train has been a long time coming. I can’t help but marvel at how we will all be right sized by less than a single cell organism.   We will learn about systems we took for granted, and how fundamentally flawed they are, we will learn things people in combat have long known.    I fear many people will have their sense of God shaken by this.  Which can be really unmooring.  I can ask for serenity from some source I don’t quite understand and if I can’t find any, I ask for courage and strength.  Goodness and kindness.  Tolerance.  Power to do what is in front of me and be where I am.  Maybe that is what is meant by thy will be done after all.

I recall the meaning of the word amen is – and so it is .

So to quote Kurt V. So it goes.

And so it  is.


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