About Matt Doherty

The early entries are based on my experiences as a Lyft driver on the streets of L.A.  I began to chronicle them.  In the beginning, I was motivated by the opportunity to hold myself accountable for creative output, empower myself as an artist, and share things to stay sharp and combat the fatigue from chiseling away at bigger projects .  I figured since I was making 14.00 bucks an hour to drive people around, I might as well monetize the shitty experience.    Gradually, the scope and focus has evolved.  These times we now find ourselves in have demanded certain truths to creep in here but I always try to steep what I share in some funny and common sense.  These  are mostly editorial pieces but there is an occasional cooking post.  In my search for content I am moved by the legacy of Studs Terkell, Mike Royko, Hunter S. Thompson, and Ernie Pyle.

I’m a playwright and screenwriter living in Los Angeles.  Who has been known to act from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by to have  a read.

Matt Doherty

For more on me visit http://www.mattdoherty.net